How to Apply for CHOICES

If you think you need long-term services and supports, call us at 1-800-468-9698. We may use a short screening that will be done over the phone to help decide if you may qualify for CHOICES. If the screening shows that you don't appear to qualify for CHOICES, you'll get a letter that says how you can finish applying for CHOICES.

If the screening shows that you might qualify for CHOICES, or if we don't conduct a screening over the phone, we will send a Care Coordinator to your home to do an assessment.

The purpose of the in-home assessment is to help you apply for CHOICES. It's also to find out:

  • The kinds of help you need;
  • The kinds of care being provided by family members and other caregivers to help meet your needs;
  • And the gaps in care for which paid long-term services and supports may be needed.

If you want to receive care at home or in the community (instead of going to a nursing home), the assessment will help decide if your needs can be safely met in the home or community setting. And, for CHOICES Group 2, it will help decide if the cost of your care would exceed the cost of nursing home care.

This doesn't mean that you will receive services up to the cost of nursing home care. CHOICES won't pay for more services than you must have to safely meet your needs at home. And, CHOICES only pays for services to meet long-term services and supports needs that can't be met in other ways.

CHOICES services provided to you in your home or in the community will not take the place of care you get from family and friends or services you already receive. If you're getting help from community programs (like Meals on Wheels), receive services paid for by Medicare or other insurance, or have a family member that takes care of you, these services will not be replaced by paid care through CHOICES. Instead, the home care you receive through CHOICES will work together with the assistance you already receive to help you stay in your home and community longer. Care in CHOICES will be provided as cost-effectively as possible so that more people who need care will be able to get help.

If you want home care, the Care Coordinator will also perform a risk assessment. This will help to identify any additional risks you may face as a result of choosing to receive care at home. It will also help to identify ways to help reduce those risks and to help keep you safe and healthy. You will be asked to sign a risk agreement saying that you understand the risks and what could happen, and are choosing to receive care at home.

To see if you qualify to enroll in CHOICES, call us at 1-800-468-9698.

Does someone you know who isn't on TennCare, want to apply for CHOICES? They should contact their local Area Agency on Aging and Disability (AAAD) for free at 1-866-836-6678. Their local AAAD will help them find out if they qualify for TennCare and CHOICES.