• TennCare<em>Select</em>

TennCareSelect is a Managed Care Organization (MCO).


  • Is available to certain TennCare Enrollees.
  • Is administered by BlueCare TennesseeSM.
  • Has the same benefits as all other MCOs.

TennCare Enrollees cannot choose TennCareSelect. Only the Bureau of TennCare can enroll members.

Some of the State's groups for TennCareSelect include:

  • Children receiving Social Security Insurance (SSI) benefits;
  • Children who are in the custody of the state;
  • Children who are in an institutional eligibility category;
  • Enrollees with intellectual disabilities;
  • and Enrollees who may be temporarily living out of state.

In some areas of the state, other TennCare MCOs cannot serve all Enrollees. TennCareSelect is the backup program in those areas.

For more information about eligibility to TennCare Medicaid go to http://www.tn.gov/tenncare/mem-eligibility.shtml off-site link