Well-Child Checkups

Tennessee has made a commitment to promoting good health in children from birth until age 21. This program is called TennCare Kids.

Every child and teen needs regular health checkups, even if they seem healthy. Growth and development should be checked at every stage of childhood. These visits help your doctor find and treat problems early.

These checkups are called well-child visits. At each well-child visit, your child will:

  • Be weighed and measured
  • Get any needed vaccines (shots)
  • Have his or her eyes, ears, heart, mouth and other body parts checked.
  • Get a hearing and vision test

These checkups are also a great time for parents to ask questions. If you have concerns about things like your child's behavior, weight, eating or sleep problems, ask your provider for help. Nothing is too small or too big to ask about.

Well-child checkups should continue through the teen years, up to age 21. At every age, encourage your child to ask questions. Your child's provider is a great source of information for kids.