Tobacco use

Cigarette smoking or other tobacco use when you're an adolescent or teen can give you health problems in the future. The problems include:

  • Respiratory illnesses that are more severe and last longer
  • Decreased physical fitness
  • Reduced lung growth and lung function
  • Potential to develop cancer and heart disease, as well as making diseases like asthma and diabetes worse.

Most importantly, smoking or other tobacco use when you are young helps the addiction take hold and become a bad, lifelong habit. The majority of today's daily smokers began smoking before they were 18 years old.

Besides your health and well-being, think about smoking in dollars and cents:

  • One pack of cigarettes per day $5
  • Multiplied by the days in a year x 365
  • Yearly cost for cigarettes $1,825

That's almost $2,000 a year that you could be saving or spending on other things like clothes, a car, or something fun!

The best weapon against the dangers of tobacco use is to never start.

If you're a teen or adolescent who uses tobacco, these are probably some of the reasons:

  • Your parents are smokers.
  • Your friends encourage you to try cigarettes, and to keep smoking.
  • You see smoking as a way of rebelling and showing independence.
  • You think that everyone else is smoking, and that you should, too.
  • Tobacco advertising targets teenagers.

None of these are good reasons to put your health and life on the line. You can stop tobacco use. The first step is to get help. Studies show that people who use a program really do better.

Sign up for the FREE Tennessee Tobacco Quit Line off-site link. You'll work with a free coach. You'll learn to deal with tobacco cravings and other challenges. Whether you're trying to quit smoking or using chew tobacco or other tobacco products, this program can help.

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