Community Outreach

Member, Provider and Community Outreach brings health screenings and education to members all over the state.

Our goals are to:

  • Improve our members' health through education.
  • Make health screenings and services available to our members.
  • Encourage members to use health screenings and services.
  • Work with providers to improve access to care for our members.

We reach out to all members, including:

  • Members with special health care needs.
  • Members with chronic or serious diseases.
  • Members who are healthy and want to stay that way!

Population Health services are also provided for our members whether they are well, have an ongoing health problem or have had a serious health episode. Health risks and needs for services determine what Population Health services are available to you. Visit our Population Health section of this website.

We study our members' health care needs before we plan our activities. Health Departments, health care providers and other groups help us by offering screenings, education and community support. The Community Outreach staff meets members face-to-face, where they live, in communities all over the state. Call us at 1-800-771-0217.

Providers or agencies interested in partnering with BlueCare Tennessee can complete and fax the following form.
BlueCare Tennessee Community Outreach Referral Fax Form

Review our schedule of planned events: Community Events

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Providers can also view our Provider Outreach page for additional, scheduled events: Provider Outreach