Faith-Based Toolkit

The “Lifting Our Members Faith-based Toolkit” is a resource for you to use in communicating important health care information to your members. The goal is to reduce health disparities, inequalities that exist when members of certain populations do not benefit from the same health status as other groups.

BlueCare Tennessee partners with faith-based organizations to reduce racial, ethnic and other disparities in health. We believe faith-based organizations like yours are important social anchors with organizational structures and communication systems that can implement health programs and deliver health messages.

How to Use the Faith-Based Toolkit (PDF & Word)
Health Care Observance Calendar (PDF & Word)

Behavioral Health

  • Understanding the Disease of Addiction (PDF)
  • What is ADHD? (PDF)
  • Know the Signs and Symptoms of Depression (PDF)
  • Alcoholism – How to be Part of the Solution (PDF)
  • Sadness or Depression (PDF & Word)
  • Manage Stress (PDF & Word)

Care for Older Adults’ Mental Health

  • Preventing Falls (PDF)
  • Taking an Active Role in Your Medications (PDF)

Health Tips for Healthy Children

  • Well-Child Checkups (PDF & Word)
  • How Infants and Children Grow (PDF & Word)
  • Physical Activity & Obesity (Kids) (PDF & Word)
  • For Kids: Maintaining a Healthy Weight (PDF)
  • Also see our Healthy Children page.

Maternal Health

  • Preconception Health (PDF & Word)
  • Prenatal Care (PDF & Word)
  • Postpartum Care (PDF & Word)
  • Also see our Maternity section for additional information on preconception health, health during pregnancy and postpartum health.

Men’s Health

  • Quick Reference Guide to Men's Preventive Service (PDF & Word)
  • Prevention Guidelines, Men Ages 65 and Older (PDF)
  • Prevention Guidelines, Men Ages 50 – 64 (PDF)
  • Prevention Guidelines, Men Ages 40 – 49 (PDF)
  • Prevention Guidelines, Men Ages 18 – 39 (PDF)
  • Also see our Men’s Health page.

Preventive Health

  • Preventive Health Guide Smart Steps to Better Health (PDF & Word)
  • How healthy is your weight? (PDF & Word)
  • 8 Ways to Stay Healthy (PDF & Word)
  • Oral Health for Kids (PDF & Word)
  • AAP Immunization Schedule for 0-18 Years (PDF)
  • AAP Immunization Schedule Catchup 4 mos to 18 Years (PDF)
  • CDC Immunization Schedule Adults (PDF)
  • Diabetes and Heart Disease (PDF)
  • Diabetes Exams and Tests (PDF)
  • What is Diabetic Retinopathy (PDF)
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Evaluating Your Eyes (PDF)
  • Preventing Cancer (PDF)
  • Understanding Body Mass Index (PDF)

Teen Health

  • Teens Health Care (PDF & Word)
  • Teens Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity (PDF & Word)
  • Teens Avoid Alcohol and Drugs (PDF & Word)
  • Teens Stop Tobacco Use (PDF & Word)
  • The Teen Years (PDF & Word)
  • Also see our Teen Health page.

Women’s Health

Community Resources