Department of Children Services

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SelectKids works closely with DCS, resource (foster) families, Best Practice Network (BPN) providers, medical management, behavioral health, and others to ensure timeliness and coordination of TennCare Kids services, as well as ensuring the children receive the needed medical care.

Functions of SelectKids Include:

  • Receive and process immediate eligibility faxes and ensure the child has eligibility for coverage upon entrance into state custody
  • Provide customer service to DCS caseworkers, foster parents and providers
  • Assign BPN PCPs per the request of DCS caseworkers, including reassignment when required due to child's relocation
  • Assist DCS in making timely TennCare Kids appointments
  • Assist BPN PCPs in obtaining medical records and history on children in DCS custody
  • Assist DCS in locating specialists and coordinating out-of-network benefits when needed
  • Refer children to medical and behavioral health case managers within BlueCare Tennessee as needed
  • Deliver regular training to DCS field staff and present annually at Regional Foster Parent Conferences regarding TennCare Kids, TennCareSelect, and how to access health care services.
  • Assist with DCS Appeals
  • Generate reports for DCS identifying: 1) members recently given immediate eligibility but not yet official with Medicaid coverage; 2) members potentially due or past due for TennCare Kids screenings
Contact Information:

SelectKids Department: 1-800-451-9147
Email Box: SelectKids EI-DCS

Immediate Eligibility

As children come into custody an immediate eligibility form is completed and sent via fax or email to SelectKids. Children that do not already have official eligibility will receive 45 days of immediate eligibility. Once the eligibility has been loaded, a notification letter is faxed to the child's Health Advocate Representative within 48 hours of receipt. A report is run and sent to DCS weekly that identifies children that have immediate eligibility and will be terming in the next 25 days. This notification gives DCS an opportunity to submit the needed information for the child's official eligibility.

PCP Assignment

SelectKids members are assigned to a Best Practice Network (BPN) PCP once official eligibility is received. A report is ran and handled daily to identify members that have received official eligibility. The PCP assignment is based on the request from DCS. Once the PCP is assigned, two ID cards are generated and mailed to DCS.

Identification Cards

SelectKids members have one card for both medical and behavioral health care services. An example of the ID card is listed below. ID cards are not generated until official eligibility has been received and a PCP has been assigned.


TennCare-eligible children in DCS custody have access to all TennCare covered services, with the exception of Non-Emergency Transportation (NEMT). Foster parents and child care agencies serving custody children are required by Title IV-E to furnish transportation services for children in their care. Thus, although DCS children technically have access to NEMT and thus do not generally qualify for TennCare coverage of this service, often children in state custody have special health care needs and require a mode of NEMT to which DCS does not have access.

Exceptions wherein DCS children might make use of NEMT for TennCare covered services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Trial home visits (the return of physical custody of the child to a potentially permanent guardian to determine whether full custody should be granted to that guardian); however, the State retains legal custody during the trial home visit period.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs that meet 3-5 days per week generally after school. DCS often requests that TennCare provide the transportation due to restrictions of foster parent work schedules, distance, or the needs of other children in the foster placement.
  • Specialty mode of transportation (required as a result of special conditions or needs of the member, including physical or mental disabilities)

Requests for NEMT services are made to the SelectKids Unit at least seventy-two (72) hours before the NEMT service is needed. However, this timeframe does not apply to urgent trips. Upon receipt of the request, we will assist to determine the appropriate mode of transportation and level of service for the member and will coordinate with the transportation vendor to arrange services.

Member Materials
  • New Member Packets are provided to each Region to distribute to new members upon entrance into state custody.
  • Quarterly Newsletter sent via email
  • Monthly TennCare Kids notifications sent via email
  • Medical Home Notebook
Specialized Care Management

Due to the unique and complex physical and behavioral health needs of our children in state custody, specialized care management services are often needed. DCS staff may indicate special needs via the immediate eligibility enrollment process or call the SelectKids unit. (Review Population Health information) BlueCare Tennessee works with children as they are transitioning out of custody as well.

Care Managers are available upon request to participate in the following activities:

  • Child and Family Team Meetings as necessary
  • Center of Excellence Case Reviews
  • Well Being Triage and/or Utilization Reviews