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Primary Care Provider

The Best Practice Network (BPN) is made up of Primary Care Providers (PCPs) who have agreed to treat children in DCS custody. These doctors have also agreed to keep medical records for the children assigned to them. This includes getting records when another doctor treats the child.

Every child is assigned to a PCP in his or her area. If the child's PCP needs to be changed, please call your DCS Family Services Worker or the SelectKids department at 1-888-422-2963 to request this change. If the doctor refuses to see your child, please contact SelectKids IMMEDIATELY. Call us before you leave the doctor's office. The SelectKids phone number is 1-888-422-2963.

TennCare for Independent Living Youth

Youth, who aged out of foster care, will be able to receive TennCare coverage until they are 26 years old under the Affordable Care Act, which went into effect January 1, 2014. See the following link for additional information: TennCare for Independent Living Youth

ID Cards

Two copies of your child's ID card will be mailed to the Health Advocate Representative at the DCS address. The Family Services Worker is given one ID card to keep and the Resource Parent should keep the other. If a new card is needed, the Family Services Worker can order it for you.

TennCare Kids Wellness Visits

All children in DCS custody (under the age of 21) must get their Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) exams at a local health department. This is also called a TennCare Kids checkup.

There are a few important things to know about the TennCare Kids checkup:

  • What is TennCare Kids?

    TennCare Kids is a program for BlueCare and TennCareSelect members under age 21. It provides FREE EPSDT well care checkups. The program also provides care for medical, dental, speech, hearing, vision and behavioral health problems found at checkups. TennCare Kids helps make sure babies, children and teens get the care they need to be and stay healthy.
  • TennCare Kids Well-Child Checkups are Important – and FREE!

    All children and teens need regular checkups. Your child may look or feel healthy but he or she could have a health problem.
  • Getting regular well-child checkups helps children and teens stay healthy by:
    • Finding health problems early. Regular checkups help find problems before they become serious.
    • Preventing illness by making sure children get the right immunizations (shots).
  • For an appointment, just call your local health department. You should call your child's DCS Family Services Worker if you need to schedule transportation. You can also ask him or her to get the child's medical records.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should I call to request an ID card?

All ID cards are mailed to the Health Advocate Representative address. Your Family Service Worker will be able to provide you with a copy of the card.

Who should I call to change or request a PCP change?

PCP change requests can be made by your Family Service Worker or you can contact SelectKids to initiate the change. Once the change has been completed a new ID card will be mailed to the Health Advocate Representative.

Who should I call for non-emergency transportation?

All non-emergency transportation services are provided through DCS.

Who should I call if I have trouble getting dental care or a prescription filled?

Your Family Service Worker will help you with getting the dental care you need or assist in getting a prescription filled.

Who should I call if I need a list of doctors?

Go to our FindADoctor tool. You can also call SelectKids at 1-888-422-2963.

Who should I call if the doctor's office needs an eligibility fax to see my child?

SelectKids at 1-888-422-2963 can help you with the eligibility fax. We will fax the form to the provider's office for you.

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