Adult BMI and Weight Assessment

Your good health begins with making smart decisions about how you eat and you physical activity. So here's a great starting point:

How healthy is your weight?

Your answer's important. Because being overweight is not just uncomfortable – it can greatly increase your risk for certain diseases or medical conditions.

According to national guidelines, a healthy weight depends on three things:

  • Your body mass index (or BMI)
  • Your waist measurement, and
  • Your risk factors for weight-related diseases and conditions.

BMI measures weight against height. BMI relates to total body fat, which is related to the risk of disease and death. BMI scores are important, but they aren't the only way to judge if a person is at a healthy weight. Some athletes may have a high BMI, but not need to lose weight. Some people may have a low BMI, but still need to lose weight. Check your BMI online off-site link.

Waist Measurement

Check your waist size by snugly wrapping a measuring tape around your waist. Waist size is a good indicator of abdominal fat, another predictor of heart disease and illness risk. Your risk increases with a waist measurement of over 35 inches in women, and over 40 inches in men.

Other Risk Factors

Combining BMI and Waist Measurement shows your risk for developing diseases related to extra weight. Additional risk factors include:

  • high blood pressure
  • high LDL-cholesterol
  • low HDL-cholesterol
  • high triglycerides
  • high blood sugar
  • family history of premature heart disease
  • physical inactivity
  • cigarette smoking
. What To Do About Your BMI Score

If your BMI is 30 or more, it's time to lose weight. If your BMI is 25 or more, and you have two or more of the risk factors, it's important to lose weight to prevent further problems. Talk to your doctor. Discuss your weight and health risks. An honest talk and a good action plan can get you started toward your healthy weight goals.


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