A helping hand and more

BlueCare Tennessee offers one-on-one help with your own care team and a lot of other additional support. Like free rides to your doctor and connecting you to local resources. We’re always here for you. Every step of the way.

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Meet your care team

From healthy life changes to support for a health condition or injury, we’re here. Your care team may include nurses, social workers, other staff members or our friends in the community. They’ll give you one-on-one help based on what you need. And it’s free. You can join (opt in) or cancel (opt out) at any time with just a call.

A care team that’s in your corner

Here’s some helpful info:

When can you call your team?

You can turn to your team for basic health info. And for help to stop smoking, lose weight or make other changes. But we’re also here if you have more complex needs.

You may like having your team’s help most if:

  • You visit the ER often or have a lot of hospital stays
  • You have long-term health conditions
  • You have several doctors who need to work together on your care
  • You need treatment for a mental health condition or substance use disorder.
  • You’re pregnant
How do you get started with your care team?

There’s two simple ways to get started:

  • You can email us. Just send us your name, Member ID number, date of birth and phone number.
  • Or you can call us using the number for your health plan.
BlueCare: 1-800-468-96981-800-468-9698
TennCareSelect: 1-800-263-54791-800-263-5479
CoverKids: 1-888-325-83861-888-325-8386

TRS: 711711 and ask for 1-888-418-00081-888-418-0008
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET
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Get a ride – it’s free

Having transportation helps you manage you and your family's health. So you can make it to the doctor and pick up the medicine you need on time. Southeastrans Information icon provides free, non-emergency trips covered by TennCare℠. For emergencies, call 911911.
How do I set up a ride?

It’s simple. If your doctor or pharmacy is less than 90 miles away, you can:

  • Book your rides online at They have tools to help you manage your rides, cancel if needed and get other help.
  • Or call Southeastrans 24/7. Please use the number for your plan:

BlueCare’s Southeastrans: 1-855-735-46601-855-735-4660
TennCareSelect’s Southeastrans: 1-866-473-75651-866-473-7565

Do you have to travel more than 90 miles? Give us a call to get an OK first.

Have this info ready when you book your ride with Southeastrans:

  • The date and time of your appointment
  • Your member ID number and phone number
  • Your provider and/or drug store’s name and address
  • If you’ll have someone with you (like kids or a caregiver)
  • If you have any special needs like a wheelchair lift

Need more help? Just call us.

BlueCare: 1-800-468-96981-800-468-9698
TennCareSelect: 1-800-263-54791-800-263-5479

What kinds of rides are covered?

Non-emergency rides will usually be with others in a van or a small bus. You may have to wait a little bit for pickup after your doctor visit.

Bus rides are a good choice if the bus stops are close to you and your doctor. Talk with Southeastrans about how to get a bus pass. Passes are available in some cities including Bristol, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Franklin, Jackson, Johnson City, Knoxville, Memphis, Murfreesboro, and Nashville.

Urgent trips are for when you need help in a hurry. Like when you’re discharged from the hospital. Urgent trips aren’t for emergencies. Just give us a call for an OK.

Non-emergency ambulance rides can be arranged if needed for medical reasons. You can call us to set them up.

Taxi rides must be arranged by Southeastrans. Taxis are used only when necessary. Southeastrans won’t pay you back for taxi rides you set up on your own.

Rides for Employment and Community First CHOICES members may be free as part of their support plan. You can call Southeastrans or your support coordinator for help to schedule.

Foster children’s rides are usually set up by DCS. But Southeastrans covers some needs. Call the Foster Parents line at 1-888-422-29631-888-422-2963 for help.

Is there a mileage refund if I can find a ride on my own?

Mileage refunds may be an option if you or someone else can drive to the appointment. Set this up before your appointment, and we’ll pay for your gas after the trip. Just call Southeastrans or us for help.

Important notices for your ride

Book your ride at least three days before your appointment. If you need to cancel, call us as soon as you can. If you cancel or don’t show up for your rides too often, you may not be able to keep getting them.

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Need to switch your PCP or see a specialist?

Use our Find Care tool to make sure they are in your network and accept your insurance plan.

Free resources to support better health and wellness

Extra help when you need it

When you need a little extra help, our Community Connection tool can help you find support close to home. You can get help finding food, housing or other things you may need.