Living with Heart Disease

Heart disease is a serious condition, but with help from your health care provider, you can manage it. We’re here for you too, with information you need to live longer and healthier. There’s a lot you can do to improve your heart health.

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Find a Doctor

With heart disease, you should see a health care provider regularly. If you don’t already have a doctor you already see, we can help you find one in your network. Seeing a doctor regularly will help you manage your health and your health care costs.icon

Take Action Today

Medications can improve your heart health. Remember to fill your prescriptions as soon as you get them. And it’s important to take your medication exactly as your doctor tells you to.

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What else can you do to live better with heart disease?

Living Well with Heart Disease

Controlling Your Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure is serious, but there is good news.
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Cholesterol Levels Matter

Your cholesterol levels can help your doctor find out your risk for having a heart attack or stroke
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How to Spot Heart Attack and Stroke

Heart attack symptoms
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Stroke symptoms
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