Get a Ride

Do you need help getting to your health care provider visits? You can get a ride for non-emergency services only. If it’s an emergency, you should call 911.

Southeastrans provides the services listed below. You can visit their website for more information.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation is for TennCare services less than 90 miles away. Sometimes Southeastrans can travel farther, but you’ll need an OK from us before you can schedule the ride. Email or give us a call in Customer Service. These are shared rides, and you may have to wait to be picked up after your appointment. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Your ride is guaranteed only if you schedule it 72 hours before your health care visit. If possible, schedule your ride a week in advance and confirm three days before the trip.

Set up your ride through Southeastrans’ convenient on-line scheduling. Or you can give them a call:

  • BlueCare East 1-866-473-7563
  • BlueCare Middle 1-866-570-9445
  • BlueCare West 1-866-473-7564
  • TennCareSelect Statewide 1-866-473-7565

Be prepared. You’ll need your Member ID card along with the name and location of your provider and the time of your appointment. If you’ll need to stop at a drugstore, have that name and location too. Tell them if someone will be coming with you.

Bus passes are available in some cities where bus systems operate. Ask Southeastrans if this is an option where you live. Our goal is to make it easy and convenient to ride the bus to your health care visits. A bus pass may not be the best choice for you if:

  • You have to travel more than one quarter (1/4) of a mile to the bus stop.
  • You have to change buses more than once going and coming from the appointment.
  • Using the bus will increase your travel time more than an hour.
  • The bus schedule won’t get you to your appointment at least an hour before your scheduled visit.

For more details about bus passes, contact Southeastrans at the numbers listed above.

Urgent trips are covered rides that must happen on the day of the request. For example, if you’re discharged from the hospital. Urgent trips aren’t for emergencies. If you need more info on urgent trips, we’re happy to help. Email or give us a call in Customer Service.

Employment and Community First CHOICES Community Transportation may be part of your support plan. If you’re a member of this program, call your support coordinator and ask about this service. If you’re not sure of your support coordinator’s name and phone number, call or email Customer Service.

Fuel Reimbursement could be available if you have a vehicle or can borrow a vehicle to get to your TennCare appointments. You can drive yourself or have a family member or friend drive you. If approved for this program, your fuel cost will be paid for after the trip. Do you think this is right for you? Give us a call in Customer Service.

Southeastrans is an independent company that offers transportation services to BlueCare Tennessee members and does not provide BlueCare Tennessee products or services.


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