TennCare Kids

Checkups and Follow-up Care For Kids and Teens

Helping your children stay healthy can start with one easy step – regular visits with their health care provider. Our health plan includes TennCare Kids, a program that provides free checkups until age 21. Checkups are available from your child’s primary care provider (PCP) or at your local health department.

TennCare Kids also pays for all medically necessary care and medicine to treat problems found at the checkup. This includes medical, dental, speech, hearing, vision and behavioral (mental health, alcohol or drug abuse problems).

Free rides are available for TennCare Kids appointments. And we’re happy to schedule well-care checkups for you. Call or email Customer Service.

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When to Schedule a Checkup

Is it time for your child’s checkup? See our schedule for answers.

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The latest advice from the experts is updated and online.

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Dental Care for Children

TennCare benefits include dental checkups for children and young adults until age 21.

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Healthy Minds for Kids

Look to us for help and hope with behavioral health issues. Behavioral health includes mental health and substance use disorders.

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Find a Health Topic

Find more about health conditions

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kidcentral tn

Find help for Tennessee families and links to state services. icon


24/7 Nurseline – 1-800-262-2873

Nurses on call to answer health questions.

Other Checkups and Appointments

Sometimes other health care providers or a teachers notice a change in your child’s health or behavior. They can refer your child for a screening or checkup even if it’s not time for an annual well-child exam.

Your child’s benefits also cover rides to well-child exams and follow-up care. You’ll find all of the details and how to schedule in Get A Ride.

You may need to travel away from your local area to get the care your child needs. You may need help getting there, paying for meals, a place to stay or even someone to go with your child. We’re ready to help, so give us a call in Customer Service.

primary care provider

You’ll need to use the primary care provider (PCP) listed on your child’s Member ID card. If you want to change providers, give us a call at the Customer Service number on the back of the card.


Types of Coverage

Want to learn more about TennCareSM, CoverKids or the other programs we offer? Find helpful details, including how to apply.

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