Key provider details for Tennessee’s program to assist children and pregnant mothers. Your patients with CoverKids have benefits that are very similar to patients covered by BlueCare Tennessee, but with some key differences. For complete details, please review the CoverKids section of the Provider Administration Manual. Items in the manual that do not apply to CoverKids are marked “This section does not apply to CoverKids.


Benefits for CoverKids members fall into two basic categories:

  • Children ages 18 or younger
  • Pregnant women ages 19 or older

You can see the list of covered services on pages 12-13 of the CoverKids Member Handbook.


To see a list of copays for covered services, please see page 23-27 of the CoverKids Member Handbook.

CoverKids Forms

You can find CoverKids forms on the Provider Forms page.

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