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With the spread of the coronavirus in Tennessee, we're adapting for our member's health.

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Welcome to BlueCare Tennessee. We’re glad you stopped by.

Tennessee is home sweet home to you, your patients and us. We’re here to help you serve our neighbors who are covered by BlueCare Tennessee and other programs supported by the state of Tennessee.


Every form in one place and organized by line of business to make it easier for you.
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News & Manuals

Answers to almost every administrative question available in the Provider Administration Manual, along with latest news and announcements
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Quality Care

Working together to meet and exceed national standards for patient care
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PCP Member Assignment (myBluePCP)

Strengthening the doctor-patient relationship through assigned primary care providers.
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Tools and Resources

Information to simplify working with us while caring for your patients
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Taking Action Against Opioid Abuse

Opioid abuse is a major public health concern in our state and we continue our efforts to fight the epidemic through tighter drug quantity limits, provider education about prescription patterns and community outreach programs.
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Good health outcomes start in the communities where your patients live.

Starting October 2, we invite you to Connect with Us by taking the Providers CARE Survey. By taking the survey, you’ll give us information about challenges your patients are facing in their communities.

Our goal is to help you improve your patients’ health by:

C: Connecting them with community resources (like food pantries and housing help);
A: Acting for better health by teaching them about their care needs;
R: Reducing stigma by showing compassion to others and taking time to think about your actions and thoughts about yourself and others; and
E: Encouragement. Take the time to listen to your patients. Treating them with kindness and support can help them take the steps they need for better health and supporting them on their journeys to their best life

We are here to help you Connect your patients to CARE. The CARE survey will ask you about the social conditions impacting your patients and learning opportunities that can assist your practice team.


Your answers will not have your name on them and will be combined with information from other providers. Thank you for caring about the health of your community.