Report It Now for ECF CHOICES Tier 2 Reportable Events

Tier 2 Reportable Events should be reported immediately after discovery.

ECF CHOICES Reportable Event Tier 2 Reporting Requirements

The following timelines are based on the date and time of who first discovers the incident, which could be BlueCare Tennessee or a provider.

  1. The ECF CHOICES provider Incident Management Coordinator or designee will submit a written ECF Reportable Event Form via data exchange to both DIDD and BlueCare Tennessee by close of the next business day after the event or event discovery.
  2. ECF CHOICES providers are responsible for conducting investigations and submitting an investigation report to BlueCare Tennessee within 14 calendar days of submitting the Tier 2 Reportable Event Form to BlueCare Tennessee.
  3. BlueCare Tennessee will review the investigation report within 30 calendar days of receiving the Reportable Event Form and determine if providers need to take follow-up action.

ECF CHOICES Reportable Event Contact Information

  • BlueCare Tennessee Email:
  • BlueCare Tennessee Fax: 1-855-472-0156 (only use if email isn’t available)
  • Adult Protective Services
    • Phone: 1-888-277-8366
    • Fax: 1-866-294-3961
  • Child Protective Services
    • Phone: 1-877-237-0004
  • DIDD Email:
  • DIDD Fax Number: 1-877-551-5591
  • DIDD Regional Phone Numbers for reporting Tier 1 Reportable Events and requesting exceptions to administrative leave:
    • East Tennessee: 1-800-579-0023
    • Middle Tennessee: 1-888-633-1313
    • West Tennessee: 1-888-632-4490

What defines an ECF CHOICES Tier 2 Reportable Event?

  • A member whose whereabouts are unknown, and likely places the member or others in a danger is a reportable event if:
    • Absence is unusual and
    • Member can’t be found for 60 minutes or more – unless a shorter time is specified in the person’s Person-Centered Support Plan (PSCP) or Behavior Support Plan (BSP).
    • Absence is a known risk as specified in the PCSP or BSP.

Reporting a member’s whereabouts as unknown is in addition to, not a substitute for, looking for the member and contacting law enforcement as necessary.

Please note that people receiving support have the freedom to come and go without staff supervision, except when their PCSP documents restrictions that are necessary to ensure their health and safety or the safety of others.

  • Minor vehicle accident without injury
  • Fire
  • Medicine error that warrants observation, but doesn’t require face-to-fact treatment – which include:
  • Wrong person receives drug
  • Member receives wrong drug
  • Medication omission
  • Inaccurate dosage
  • Given at wrong time
  • Incorrect rate of delivery
  • Error in drug preparation
  • Mistaken route of administration
  • An unsafe or unclean environment
  • Use of manual or mechanical restraints or protective equipment that is approved for use in the person’s PCSP or BSP, but used incorrectly or in a manner other than intended
    • Please note Reportable Events that are determined to be outside of an approved PCSP or BSP, intentionally inappropriate or in violation of guidelines specified in the person’s PCSP or BSP will be referred to DIDD as a Tier 1 Reportable Event.
  • Allegations of disrespectful or inappropriate communication, e.g., humiliation, harassment, threats of punishment or deprivation, intimidation, or demeaning or derogatory communication (vocal, written, gestures), or any other acts that do not meet the definition of emotional or psychological abuse, but which are directed to or within eyesight or audible range of the person supported

Please note that these events must also be reported to the BlueCare Tennessee Non-Discrimination Compliance Coordinator by phone or in writing:

  • BlueCare: 1-800-468-9736
  • TennCareSelect: 1-800-276-1978
  • BlueCare Tennessee Non-Discrimination Compliance Coordinator
    1 Cameron Hill Circle
    Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402
  • Deliberate misplacement, exploitation, or wrongful, temporary or permanent use of belongings or money valued at $1,000 or less (less than the threshold for misappropriation)

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