Report It Now for CHOICES and ECF CHOICES Providers

Thank you for serving BlueCare Tennessee members in our CHOICES and Employment and Community First (ECF) CHOICES programs. Your compassion is invaluable to their experience, but so are your observations of their day-to-day life. A top priority that we share with you is the health and safety of the members you assist, and it’s important for you to be alert for problems and potential problems.

With either program, situations where members are at some sort of risk require you to Report It Now. CHOICES refers to these issues as Critical Incidents, while ECF CHOICES uses the term Reportable Events. When you call attention to these issues, they can be addressed, which helps keep the members you serve safe. Documenting the risk also helps protect you if there’s ever a question in the future.

CHOICES – Critical Incidents

Critical Incident Reporting Requirements

The following timelines are based on the date and time of first discovery regardless if you or BlueCare Tennessee discovered the incident.

  1. Please notify BlueCare Tennessee verbally within 24 hours of discovery at 1-888-747-8955 or in writing via fax to 1-855-292-3715.
  2. Always report instances of abuse, neglect or exploitation to Adult Protective Services (APS) or Child Protective Services (CPS).
    1. APS: 1-888-277-8366 (phone) or 1-866-294-3961 (fax)
    2. CPS: 1-877-237-0004 (phone)
  3. If you submit the initial report verbally within 24 hours, a written report is due within 48 hours of the date of discovery.
  4. written follow-up report, including your investigation, findings and conclusion, is due 20 days from the incident discovery date.

What Defines a CHOICES Critical Incident?

To qualify as a critical incident, an incident must:

  1. Occur in a home and community-based long-term service and support setting OR
  2. Occur during the provision of covered CHOICES Home and Community-Based Services AND
  3. Be discovered or witnessed by BlueCare Tennessee, a provider or Fiscal Employer Agent staff AND
  4. Include one of the following:
    • Unexpected death, regardless of whether the death occurred during the provision of services
    • Suspected physical or mental abuse
    • Theft
    • Financial exploitation
    • Severe injury
    • Medication error
    • Sexual abuse and/or suspected sexual abuse
    • Abuse and neglect and/or suspected abuse or neglect

ECF CHOICES – Reportable Events

What Defines an ECF CHOICES Reportable Event?

There are three tiers of Reportable Events, but they all require you to report discovery immediately and to submit a Reportable Events form to us.

The information at the links below will help you, and your staff, identify and handle reportable events on a timely basis.


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