The TennCareSM CHOICES in Long-Term Services and Supports program is for adults age 21 and older with a physical disability and seniors age 65 and older. CHOICES offers services to help a person live in their own home or in the community. These services are called Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). These services can be provided in the home, on the job or in the community. They may include help with daily living activities, getting a job and becoming actively involved in the community. CHOICES also provides care in a nursing home if needed

Our CHOICES team includes care coordinators and consumer advocates who work directly with you and the agencies, individuals and companies that provide care.

Can CHOICES help you? Get started by calling us at 1-800-468-9698. You’ll find more starting on page 43 of your member handbook. Choose the handbook for your health plan, BlueCareSM or TennCareSelect.

You must be a TennCare member to qualify for CHOICES. See the TennCare website.

Find a CHOICES Provider

Find a list of providers and companies that provide the kind of care covered by CHOICES. This includes services like meals on wheels, pest control, home improvements, and more.

Time to Move?

Members thinking about a move from a nursing home to home will benefit from this TRANSITIONS video

Managing Help At Home?

Sometimes members can employ the people who provide home care services. This CONSUMER DIRECTION video offers tips and advice.


If you qualify for CHOICES, you will be placed in one of three groups.
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Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation

Here’s how to protect yourself and others.
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Types of Coverage

Want to learn more about TennCareSM, CoverKids or the other programs we offer? Find helpful details, including how to apply.

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