Department of Children Services(DCS)

We want to make life easier for everyone involved in taking care of teens and kids in DCS custody. Our program for these children is SelectKids, and our staff feels a personal connection to them and their families.

Here’s how we work with Resource Parents and the DCS team.

Resource Parents

You take on a lot. Let us help with your child’s health care. Except for transportation, DCS members have the same benefits as other children in TennCareSM. We explain the details on our SelectKids page. And there’s more about using your child’s health plan in Member Info.


Only by working closely with DCS can we make a real difference for foster families. Our support covers a variety of services.

  1. Getting Started (Immediate eligibility)
    When a child comes into DCS custody, we receive a fax or email. Children that don’t already have official eligibility will receive 45 days of immediate eligibility. We load the child into our system and notify their DCS health advocate representative within 48 hours.
  2. Primary Care Provider Assignment (PCP)
    We assign the Best Practices Network PCP. The PCP’s name is listed on the Member ID card. We can also help find a new PCP if the child is relocated or another change needs to be made.
  3. Health Care Coordination
    Children and teens in state custody may have complex health needs. We work with DCS in getting the right care – including finding a specialist or helping make appointments. We have special health programs for extra support. We also participate in:
    • Child and Family Team Meetings
    • Center of Excellence Case Reviews
    • Well Being Triage and/or Utilization Reviews
  4. Customer Service
    • Training DCS field staff and Resource Parents
    • Supplying medical records and history
    • Assisting with DCS appeals
    • Generating reports on eligibility and members who need TennCare Kids exams

Resource Parents may also want to check the DCS website for info.

SelectKids Resource parent line

What else can we do to help?

SelectKids Resource Parent Line – 1-888-422-2963