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Your health needs can change with age. And getting the right checkups and screenings at every stage of life can help keep you healthy. It can even save your life.
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A helpful screening test and care checklist

Talk to your provider to find out what tests and care are right for you. Want more information about important women’s health screenings and preventive care?
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Screening / Test

What is it? / When do I need this?

A yearly well-care checkup

You can stay healthy by going to scheduled well-care checkups. Preventive care can catch potential issues early on. Plus, they’re covered. You don’t have to pay for them.

A mammogram to screen for breast cancer

Mammograms are x-rays of the breast. Most women should have their first mammogram between ages 35 and 40. Ask your provider how often you need a mammogram after age 40, based on your health and family history.

Pap tests to check for cervical cancer

Pap tests can find changes in cells that may point to other issues. Women between ages 21 and 65 need regular Pap tests.
Information icon Source:   CDC - Cervical Screening
                 CDC - HPV Vaccination

Chlamydia screenings

Chlamydia is a serious illness that often has no symptoms. That’s why all women younger than 25 who are sexually active should be tested for chlamydia every year.
Information icon Source:   CDC - Chlamydia

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