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Tell us about your health history and needs

To help get you the right care, we need to know more about your health history and what’s important to you. We require this info once a year from all our members.
You can get us that info by:

  • Calling us at 1-888-416-30251-888-416-3025.
  • Or you can download, print and mail your health history and needs survey:

Sample of a BlueCare Tennessee Member ID Card Sample of a BlueCare Tennessee Member ID Card

Using your Member ID card

Your Member ID card may have already been mailed to you. If you haven’t received your card and it’s been more than two weeks since enrolling, please give us a call. You can download a temporary ID card though your online account. Just set up your account or log in.

And if you need care right now, your providers can call us or check online. You can also find your ID number on the welcome text we sent you.

How to read your card

This is an example. Your ID card may look a little different depending on your benefit level.

  1. If you’re assigned a PCP, their name will show here.
  2. The letter listed here is your benefit level. See your member handbook to find what your benefit level covers.
  3. A copayment is paying part of your health care costs upfront. Those amounts will be listed here.
    If you don’t have to pay copayments, you’ll see "$0".
  4. If you’re part of one of our programs, the program name will show here.

Things to remember

Check the details
If any of the information on your card isn’t correct, just call us.

Know the effective date
Begin using your card on this date. Cut up and throw away your old card.

Keep it close
Always have your card with you to show health care providers. Protect this card the way you would protect a credit card. Please don’t share your card with anyone else.

Get a replacement
If your card is lost or stolen, you can call us or send an email for a replacement. You can also order a new card through your online account.

Keep your other cards
You may have other health plan ID cards, like one for Medicare. Show all your health care ID cards when you receive care.

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Instant access to great benefits

Your coverage starts the day you become a member. Right away, you can get free rides to doctors and pharmacies, prescription coverage and well-care checkups.

Free rides to doctors and pharmacies Free rides to doctors and pharmacies
Prescription coverage Prescription coverage
Well-care checkups Well-care checkups
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Your member handbook

To see more information about your plan, just take a look at your Member handbook below. If you’re a CoverKids member, you can check out your handbook here.